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Computational biologist, working at the University of Manchester, UK. Interested in proteomics, gene expression, translational control, chaperomics and bioinformatics

Heat shock proteomics in yeast

Andrew Jarnucak’s PhD work now published in Molecular Omics. Joint study with Claire Eyers and Chris Grant, looking at the temporal effects on the quantitative proteome of heat shock and yes we see the usual suspects. My favourite feature of … Continue reading

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UK Chaperone club¬† @ Leeds University just before Christmas 2017 was a nice meeting. My first time but I really liked the ethos of the meeting, which was to encourage junior staff and students to present and this made for … Continue reading

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Enjoyable HUPO2017 in Dublin. We presented work on stop codon readthrough validation in Drosophila. Mike Nelson in the lab is writing it up now with over 150 protein extension events validated, at least via strong mass spec evidence. Lots of … Continue reading

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Welcome to Manuel

Dr Manuel Garcia Albornoz has joined the lab, looking at the bioinformatics and computational biology of yeast protein turnover in the context of succinate production, on a ERA-IB funded project called ECOYEAST. We are hoping to get stuck into quantitative … Continue reading

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CoPY paper now out in MCP

After a colossal effort, our BBSRC-funded paper on absolute quantitation of the yeast proteome using QconCAT methodology is now in press at MCP.¬† If you want to grab the main data in terms of copies per cell for ~1200 proteins … Continue reading

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Congrats to Andy

  Congratulations to Dr Andrew Jarnuczak who recently graduated from the lab. He’s been working on quantitative proteomics of the chaperone system in yeast. We’ve one paper out and another submitted on heat shock response.

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Moaning about Open Access

I attended a UKSG meeting last year and was persuaded to pontificate a bit about researcher perspectives on academic publishing and open access. It was an enjoyable meeting and good discussions were had. The upshot was that some brave soul … Continue reading

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