CoPY paper now out in MCP

After a colossal effort, our BBSRC-funded paper on absolute quantitation of the yeast proteome using QconCAT methodology is now in press at MCP.  If you want to grab the main data in terms of copies per cell for ~1200 proteins (+ upper limits on a further ~600) then we’ve made the data available in excel format via MCP. Lots of interesting things came out of this study, including the estimates for total protein copies per cell, comparisons with other existing proteome quantitations, and the relationship between transcriptome and proteome (we also quantified the mRNA in the same cells via RNA-seq on the SOLiD system here at Manchester).

Proteomics data available from ProteomeXchange  PXD002694

RNA-seq read data from GEO: accession GSE73898


(edited version of Fig5)


About simonjhubbard

Computational biologist, working at the University of Manchester, UK. Interested in proteomics, gene expression, translational control, chaperomics and bioinformatics
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